October 21, 2017

The NCC is pleased to announce that the Suffolk County Health Department has finished installing test wells at the Sand Land Mine to monitor the magnitude and extent of any possible contamination of our groundwater beneath the mine.  Water tests done in May 2015 on the property found alarming levels of contaminants and carcinogens, including Chlordane, DEET, pesticides and radio nuclides in pools of water.  NY Supreme Court  Judge Joseph Santorelli ruled that Sand Land had to give full access to the SCHS department. 

The Supreme Court decision follows over two years of obstruction by the owners of Sand Land to prevent water testing and allow access by health officials.  Sand Land processes vegetative waste and construction and demolition debris.

Because of the involvement of the Noyac Civic Council, this crucial monitoring of our ground water has been accomplished.    Thank you to all our members who contacted our Town, County, NY State  and appointed officials who acted to protect our groundwater.      This sole source aquifer is the water supply to all of us on the East End, including those who have well water and water from the Suffolk County Water Supply.    

The NCC remains the best advocate for the Noyac community and will continue to protect our quality of life.  Thank you for your active involvement and membership.

Click here to see the News 12 report on this story


Elena Loreto, President NCC

March 27, 2017

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Elena Loreto, President NCC


January 2017

Dear NCC Members,

Noyac Civic Council Encourages Community Involvement!

The Suffolk County Health Department just released a comprehensive investigative report on compost/vegetative organic waste management facilities (VOWM). In light of the fact that the Sand Land Mine and mulching facility is seeking to expand 40 feet closer to the top of our aquifer, our source of groundwater on the East End, this report is significant. The samples analyzed in this study document a range of contaminants including 19 pesticides, multiple metals (including arsenic, manganese, cadmium, thallium and cobalt), elevated radiological detections, and a range of pharmaceutical and personal care products which can be associated with the deposition of septic waste. The study also confirmed the contamination of private wells in excess of maximum contaminant levels for several analytes (Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn) at the only test site where residences were located in close proximity to the VOWM operations. Click here to download a copy of the report. The "Recommendations" on page 95 are noteworthy.


  1. Contact the NYSDEC to support the recommendations of this study: Email acting Commissioner Basil Seggos  or call 518-402-8013.
  2. Send an email to your family and friends with this information.

NOTE:  The Sand Land Mine's appeal of the DEC's denial of its application to expand is nearing a trial date. The NCC Executive Committee will represent you, the community, in this judicial process. We are currently waiting for the judge to rule.

Elena Loreto, President
Noyac Civic Council

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