Noyac residents are the luckiest people in Southampton!


Noyac has some of the best recreation areas like Long Beach, Trout Pond, Morton's Game Preserve, and walking trails. Our local business men and women take an active interest in Noyac and provide discounts for Noyac Civic Council members.


Quilting Group


A good time was had by all who came out to join us for our Holiday Dinner Dance on Nov. 21st at Muse in the Harbor! Thank you to all who donated items and contributed to help the NCC raise over $1000 for our charitable endeavors! Thank you to Muse in the Harbor for making the party a great success!


The Noyac Civic Council takes an active role in the quality of life issues of our hamlet. The NCC works together with other local civics and CAC's to alleviate excessive aircraft noise, to insure that our drinking water is of the highest quality and to calm Noyac Road traffic. (OK, maybe the last item is the most difficult to achieve, but we are working on it.)  We have the best Holiday Dinner Dance, this year scheduled for Nov. 21 at Muse in the Harbor Restaurant. These are just a few reasons to become an Noyac Civic Council member during our annual membership drive. Supporting merchants like Cromer's, the Whalebone General Store and Serene Green Farmstand have donated gifts to the first 30 new members who join.  Remember, there is strength in numbers. When the NCC is dealing with officials from Southampton, Suffolk County, New York State and the Federal Government, your voices are heard.


WE NEED YOU! The NCC needs citizen volunteers to attend and report back on local meetings, help form and chair committees, facilitate outreach, etc. Please consider volunteering to promote the NCC's work. Just call Elena at 725-3304 to learn more.


Elena Loreto, President Noyac Civic Council


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