The History of the NCC

The Noyac Civic Council is proud to celebrate 60+ years of serving the Noyac Community. On November 12, 1954, our founders established a NYS Registered Charitable organization dedicated to preserving the rural character of Noyac and promoting a good quality of life for its members and neighbors through social, educational and governmental networking. During the last 60 years, the NCC has spearheaded and provided input, along with Federal, State and local government officials, in reaching a resolution on issues that impact the lives of Noyac residents. These are some of the past and/or present issues:

  • constructing a bath pavilion on Long Beach
  • straightening Dead Man’s Curve
  • cleaning up Nabisco/Rowe Industries
  • monitoring groundwater at the Bridge Golf Course
  • providing input into the Sag Harbor School District’s academic achievement and budget
  • encouraging the Town to take ownership of Noyac Road
  • calming traffic along Noyac Road including the Cromer’s/Whalebone intersection
  • discouraging sign pollution
  • addressing Trout Pond pollution
  • developing the Noyac Hamlet Study
  • ameliorating helicopter and other aircraft noise
  • protecting our groundwater and bays

The NCC will remain vigilant on issues that currently are unresolved.

Our past presidents should be recognized for their efforts which enabled our organization to prosper for the last 60 years:

Ed Bove, 1979
Russell Hall, 1980
Frank Willsey, 1982
Charles Hascup, 1984
Frank Beirne, 1986
John J. Tooher, 1988
John Schurr, 1990
Marilyn Downes, 1992
Charles Townsend, 1994
George Tucker, 1996
Charles Neuman, 2002
Elena Loreto, 2002-Present

Philip Jones, 1954
Charles A. Ringe, 1956
Bill Everett, 1957
John Zentgraf, 1959
Helen Koch, 1961
Don Weatherall, 1962
Ray Melodia 1964
Peter Guido 1965
Peter Comerford, 1966
Helen Koch, 1969
Louis Giolita, 1970
Paul Vey, 1976

Our past Vice-Presidents, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, Treasurers, Sergeant-at-Arms and Trustees—too numerous to mention here—also deserve our thanks for moving our organization forward.

From the early days of the Native Americans to the present day, Noyac has had a rich history. Its natural beauty is home to several recreational areas that attract residents and vacationers. In the 60th Anniversary Commemorative Journal, the NCC has included articles and photos from its colorful history of Native American settlements, a Revolutionary War event, two scenic recreational areas in Noyac, and two current exigent issues—helicopter noise and protecting our water quality.