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Airport Noise

Click button below to access Southampton Town’s new airport noise reporting system.

Sand Land Mine Sits atop our Sole Source Aquifer

ACTIONS proposed by Assemblyman Fred Thiele:

All levels of government must act and must act now, the assemblyman demanded. He compiled a list of actions that must be taken immediately:

1. We cannot wait until April for the Suffolk County Department of Health Services to release its report on the contamination. The testing was done months ago and the SCDHS has had the raw data for weeks. Their report must be made public in the next two weeks.

2. The SCDHS must also begin to survey for contamination by testing all drinking wells that are down gradient of the contamination.

3. The State DEC must launch a full environmental investigation to determine the full extent of contamination at this location.

4. The State DEC must take action to stop the processing of vegetative waste and other industrial activities until the extent of the contamination is known.

5. The State DEC must reject any expansion of the sand mine at this location.

6. The Southampton Town Supervisor must exercise his authority under State Law and inform the State DEC that mining is a prohibited activity under the Southampton Zoning Code.

Adrienne Esposito holds a photo of Sand Land Corp. Sand Mine in Noyac during a meeting at the Old Noyac Schoolhouse on Monday, Aug. 18, 2014. Photo Credit: Chuck Fadely

The NY Supreme Court ruled that Sand Land had to give full access to the SCHS department.
Sand Land had refused access to the site following surface water tests done in May 2015 on the property which found alarming levels of contaminants and carcinogens, including chlordane, pesticides, carcinogens, radio nuclei and other pollutants. The SCHS decision follows over two years of obstruction by the owners of Sand Land to prevent water testing and allow access by health officials.

Note: Sand Land began grinding, manufacturing, storing and selling mulch again starting Sept. 11, 2017. They have been going full bore for two days. We have repeatedly called the Town to get code enforcement out there as these are clear violations of court rulings and affidavits filed by Sand Land saying they no longer manufacture mulch nor have the machinery on site to do so.

NCC members are asked to call and question Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and code enforcement about this issue.

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